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Less Trash. More Jobs. Cleaner Communities.

NELArecycles is a community rehabilitation program that was created to give people with disabilities or other barriers to employment the skills, resources, and opportunities necessary for full participation in the workforce through supported work in trash collection and recycling.

Litter Collection

Work that enables everyone to participate in creating meaningful change

North East Louisiana has one of the highest littering rates in the United States.
​​Our community also has some of the highest poverty rates in Louisiana.​​
The disabled and challenged people in our community want to work, they just need a little help. None of us like the trash scattered everywhere, we just don’t have time to deal with it. ​​
Help your neighbor. Help your community. Help us connect the people who want to work with the jobs that need to be done. Donate today and see visible improvement tomorrow.

Modern Trash Dumpsters

Reduce the burden on an overwhelmed system

Tired of all the overflowing dumpsters and trash blowing along the side of the road? ​​Tired of piling your trash on top of things you know are recyclable? ​​Tired of walking through the puddles and mud to get to the side of the dumpster that’s not being used? ​​So are we! ​​Let's work together to help reduce the burden on an overwhelmed system. Just a little bit of money and we can easily fix this. All it takes is some polymer front load dumpsters with remote level indication on a fenced in concrete pad. Your donation will make it happen.

Garbage Recycling

Stop burying money and then raising taxes because there's not enough money

​​Did you know that a small business starting up in Farmerville Louisiana has a higher tax burden than that same business starting up in Los Angeles California? ​​Did you know that recycling operations in Louisiana generate ~15 cents of revenue for every pound of trash brought in? How much was the last property tax millage that was passed in your Parish? Stop the taxes. Start recycling.